True Combat: Elite - Community Installer

19.01.2010 : 13:18

TC:E Community Installer allows us to install 'True Combat: Elite' in a very easy and fast way. The installation program includes: Enemy Territory 2.60b, True Combat Elite 0.49b, PunkBuster. After you install the game using this installer, you can smoothly connect to the most popular servers and start playing without any problems!


--> 'True Combat: Elite' Community Installer

New version includes:

  • Reduced size (deleted all custom packs)
  • Enemy Territory 2.60b
  • True Combat .49b
  • PunkBuster files updated @ 17.01.2010
  • PBSVC.EXE - PunkBuster Service Install/Uninstall/Reinstall/Test Tool
  • PBSETUP.EXE - Punkbuster Manual Update Tool
  • Entries in Start menu and Desktop for:
    True Comat Elite / pbweb.exe / pbsetup.exe / pbsvc.exe
  • Helpful links and simple tutorial in readme.txt
  • Installation takes ~30 seconds
  • Uninstalation leaves profiles/demos/screenshots/etkey and any files created after installation
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