ET-Minimod: NoQuarter X-Mas-Mod v1.4

13.12.2009 : 16:00
Molotov's X-Mas-pack for NoQuarter. Based on meyerinchains' Grinch-skinpack.
Compatible with every version of NQ (1.1.0 to 1.2.7).


--> NoQuarter X-Mas-Mod v1.4


  • santa-sound to santa rocket
  • mortar only fire with snowman bullet
  • added cookie style medpack (like the aura sprite, by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta)
  • few fix to make compatible with sylvester pack
  • santa rocket (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta) + weap file for the proper popup message
  • xmas tree with stars ornament (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta)
  • truck (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta with a little bit modification)
  • goat sound changed to xmas style wav
  • added Easy Company's smoke mod with stars
  • changed aura sprites (medic sprite based on Easy Company's medpack model)
  • included fix for basereace winter map
  • candy stick landmine markers
  • snowman on Baserace map (by |>B<|WingWong and |>B<|peyote)
  • ribbons on ammo/medic packs
  • santa/snowman mortar shell (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta)
  • team colored santa hats
  • xmas themed sounds, ingame sounds (few of them by Hewster from Santamod)
  • xmas colored effects
  • xmas themed satchel, mine flag and neutral marker flag
  • snowball grenades
  • new faces
  • aura sprites