ET-Map: Fueldump Mod (Final)

01.12.2009 : 14:04

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Jecoliah reworked Fueldump a bit to enhance the gameplay. Changes are listed below, a video of this reworked map can be seen here on YouTube.


  • Made a few Minor changes to the original map using the Released Map Source File.
  • Moved the East Barricade to the side of the building where the half open gate was.
  • This was done due to Newbies would build the East Barricade making it dificult for Axis to defend the Depot
  • Now it can be built and not hamper the Axis from defending it, which makes for Better Game Play.
  • Added a ladder to the backside of that wall so the Axis can exit the area.
  • Added spawns to the Garage for the Allies to Spawn in.
  • Allies will autospawn in the Garage once the Side Wall at the Rear of the Depot is Destroyed.
  • Allies CAN spawn at the CP anytime it is built by picking that spawn in the Limbo Menu.
  • I made it where Newbies would be forced to Auto Spawn in the Garage once the Side Wall was Blown.
  • Deleted all the LMS stuff AND a few models to reduce the hunkmegs_used to lessen the chance of getting the Max_Gamestate_Chars Error.
  • Made bulletin boards non-destructible to save one entity count.
  • Made the door to the generator room functional.
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