ET-Mod: TJmod 1.6.1

02.11.2009 : 22:55
TJMod 1.6.0 features a few bugfixes and added features like seeing the time of people you spectate, automatically checking if the map being voted is on the server before starting the vote, tj_hideme setting to completely hide you from all other players, and more.
Also includes a few requested mapping features, trigger_savereset and noexplosives key for worldspawn which (if server allows) will disable panzer, grenade, and such explosive weapons, and a script-related fix.
Pending bugfixes, this wlll probably the the last TJMod release for some time.

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.6.1


TJMod 1.6.1 with the things I forgot to add in 1.6.0. Which is tjg_blockedMaps where server admins can add names of any maps they don't want to be voted, and tjg_holdDoorsOpen to prevent doors from closing (e.g. in timeruns where multiple players will cause doors to close in front of