RtCW & ET-Tool: X-Loader 3

21.04.2005 : 11:06
This program was created out of the necessity to have a program that would load the game, fix the PID files, and minimize the game when needed. It was also created for people that don’t need the extra fluff of All Seeing Eye and other server spy programs, it just stores the server you entered with a comment and loads it when you want to play that server.

-[ Download ''X-Loader 3'' ]-

  • RtCW & ET loader program
  • Automatically fixes the pid issue
  • ET Version selector built in (user selects the version when adding or editing a server)
  • Quick menu access to run pbweb for et
  • One key minimize of ET or Wolf
  • Quick menu items to copy server information to the clipboard for quick pasting to friends
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