ET-Map: Battle Arena GU (Final)

22.10.2009 : 18:35

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The Allies must destroy the Axis Powerplant and the Axis must destroy the Allied Powerplant.

"It's a map designed for the objective mode, but it's also a deathmatch or fun map. The timelimit is 20 minutes. And I did put some cool lights in it as a warmup for the still-not-finished Concert Arena map."

This map is also known as Lasershooting. Lasershooting was my second map after Alliebase. The main structure is the same, but the details are changed. Such as:

  • An underground tunnel from west to east
  • Spaws at the ground in stead of the air
  • Ammorate limited to 1 pack in 5 seconds
  • Lightbeams (which come from the concert_arena project)
  • More detailed wood texture
  • Fire in barrels contain smoke
  • And last but not least: Caulked brushes which increase the fps-rate and let me be able to add more details
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