ET-Mod: Enhanced Mod v1.0.1

29.09.2009 : 22:28
Enhanced Mod is a server side mod expansion pack for server administrators to tweak unsettable game behaviour stuff given by the original mod. No extra pk3 needed! ~Equal One


--> Enhanced Mod v1.0.1

First Beta-Release contains only fixed predefined settings:

  • If the primary weapon is a Thompson, then you have a additional MP40 in your inventory
  • If the primary weapon is a t is a K43, then you have a additional Garand in your inventory
  • 2 Rifles
  • Spawn with 8 Knifes
  • Spawn with 18 Adrenaline syringes (if enabled)
  • Spawn with full ammo (smg -> 120, sten -> 128, FG40 -> 80)
  • Every class carry smoke bombs

Future planed features:

Personal definable settings by a config file (weapons/start ammo/ammo in clip) - More !xxxxx (fun) commands integrated in Jaymod level hierarchy
Installation notes:
The beta 1.0.1 download pack is designed for Jaymod 2.1.7 installation. Just unzip whole content in your jaymod folder (may overwrite) and done! On other mods (also versions then 2.1.7) replace the binary "" with the original mod "" binary.
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