DOM-Map: Attack (Final)

11.08.2005 : 17:25

This map is called dom_attack.pk3 and it is based on the map Loffy's Madness. It is a medium-sized map and it is optimal for 6-12 players on each team. Respawn-times are kept short, for faster gameplay. Match-time: 20 minutes. The map has an easy-to-understand and no-nonsense layout: All fragging takes place indoors, on four floors. The bases are identical and mirrored. Both teams have an initial respawntime of 2 seconds. Whenever a team scores, their
respawntime will increase with 1 second. For example, the Axis scores twice and their respawntime will now be 4 seconds. When the respawntime reaches 10 seconds, it will not increase anymore. Max respawntime on this map is 10 seconds. When a team scores, its spawn-area might be pushed backwards. The purpose is to aid the other team. These principles applies to both teams.
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