ET-Tool: ServerChecker v1.6.5

25.08.2009 : 17:00
Of course you know that problem: Your favorite Server has loaded the next map. You don't like that map and leave Enemy Territory for doing something else. Of course you like to rejoin you''re favorite server when he has loaded next map which you like.

Sometimes it can happen that you just forgot to look after it.

If you have KillhemAll's Server Checker that scenario is gone. You want to set a alarm for which reminds you when the nextmap has begun? No problem! Just add your favorite server to that small program turn on the alarm and you're ready.

ServerChecker checks your servers every 10s for map changing.


--> ServerChecker v1.6.5


  • Alarm for Server Map Change
  • G15 Support
  • One-Click Connect (over G15)
  • On-the-Fly Patch (over G15)
  • Auto-Patch when connecting to a server
  • Update functionality
  • Supporting et:// links (Splatterladder connect!)
  • much more

If you like this program, please give feedback at fragHunterz.ETcJay via E-Mail