ET-Mod: Vietnam v0.0.1

11.08.2009 : 03:44
Veteran Soldiers clan is proud to introduce you the Enemy Territory Vietnam mod v.0.0.1

In first place we want to thank SLUT clan for the support, testing and knowledge they shared with us. And of course, cause of they built a great map for run on our Vietnam server: Kha Ran Than

And the credits:

  • This Mod is based on ETpub 0.8.1 source
  • Must credit grenade warning, talking radio animation, visible leaning and leg model to NoQuarter MOD
  • Thx to SplashDamage forum for direct and indirect help
  • Thx to all friends who helped with developement and test
  • If somebody find or see something that need to be credited just let us know

Well, Vietnam mod's important info:

  • The Mod has been built by players and no one are professional or amateur average coders. So, we are noobs
  • Mod's size is more or less 75 MBs (and 80 MBs the version including installer)
  • ET version: 2.60
  • At this moment, only Windows clients are supported (no Linux, no MAC)
  • The Mod and its parts have been built to run only on the -Vietnam Mod- server.
  • Maybe we will turn into a free Mod for everybody in future when it will be stable and Linux and MAC supported
  • HunkMegs must be at least 128

Some features are:

  • New weapons, of course: AK47, LAW, RPG, RPD, C4, ...
  • 2 squads per team (Rangers/Marines in allies and NVA/Vietcong in axis)
  • New stats, medals and ribbons system
  • Some features as self health, sniped gibbed head, fury (our version of adrenaline), anti panzer-lamers system, bloody knife, ...

For more info, you can take a look to the Vietnam mod website.

We are still working on some sections of the websites, and lets hope we will be ready to show the full features list in those sections soon.

Screenshots can be found here.

~VS|TheBorgshagileo via PM