ET-Map: Al Kad (Beta 3)

10.08.2009 : 01:59

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By the beginning of March 1943 the Eighth Army, advancing westwards along the North African coast, had reached the Tunisian border and Axis found themselfs in an Allied two army pincer. They were outflanked, outmanned and outgunned. The British Eighth Army shattered the Axis defense on the Mareth Line in late March and First Army in central Tunisia launched their main offensive in mid April.

Axis are regathering their north African forces in Tunisia were their newly developed rocket is hidden in the sacred garden of Kadesh. Entrence to the sacred graden of Kadesh can only be given to those who have captured the holy relic which Axis has hidden in the house of Bazaar. Axis have been given the order to launch the rocket on allies headquarters and hold the perimeter until reinforcements arrive.

The allied forces have landed on the small coastal town of Al Kad, where they will attempt to return the relic to the citizens of Al Kad and thereby gain access to Kadesh. The allied forces have to move quickly since axis have started the countdown for the rocket launch.
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