ET-Mod: TJmod 1.3.1

08.08.2009 : 02:01
TJMod 1.3.1 is now the latest official release. Most changes are regarding timeruns and new physics. The new physics, named Advanced Physics, is basically ET with flat ground jumping and aircontrol.
This means that you can use A\D to make turns in the air, and W to correct your movement direction, in a similar fashion to CPM in Q3 DeFRaG for those familiar with that. None of it is copied from Q3 and it's not aimed towards being a Q3 copy either, it's intended to be ET with a bit more interesting physics.
The physics can be enabled server-side by setting \physics 3.

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.3.1

There are 542 Q3 DeFRaG maps converted for ET maps in these packs. They are packed because having any such amount of pk3's will crash ET. Each pack is under 100 mb and contains roughly 60 maps each.
There is also an additional pk3 optionally available for download, it will fix most of the missing textures in Q3 Maps converted for ET.
Download the packs