ET-Map: 'Praetoria: Mission One' (v2.0)

08.08.2009 : 01:21

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Allied Paratroopers are enroute to capture a german airfield in northern Italy. An advance allied ground force must destroy the Radar Control Center inside a heavily defended bunker to allow their airborne forces to slip through the Axis Anti-Air defenses undetected.

This update is to make the map compatable with the next Praetoria missions, and to add Gamestate improvements that I have learned while working on Mission Two. ~Diego

Gameplay Changes:

  • Bridge bunker has been expanded in size and a doorway was added that leads to the health kits.
  • Final primary Allied spawn point has been moved here to bridge bunker that allies spawn closer to the surface and can put more pressure on the front entrance.
  • Allied spawn at the Axis CP bunker has been removed.
  • Neither team receives a spawn time bonus when building their CP.
  • Axis default spawntime set to 20 seconds. 18 seconds after the Tunnel Doors are blown by the tank.
  • Allies spawn time changed to 15 seconds.
  • North Doors have been linked to the generator. They will automatically open when the generator is blown. However, they must still be closed manually by the axis.

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