ET Server Patch 2.55+

20.09.2009 : 18:58
Latest 2.60b Enemy Territory server patch with 2.55 client backward compatibility

2.55+ Enemy Territory server patch (every client versions are allowed to connect)

"In order to the regular latest 2.60b Server patch I noticed the high amout of version 2.55 running servers in the Enemy Territory community.
Due the intolerable issues and bugs on servers running with this outdated 2.55 server I decided to try some reverse engineering on the baseline of the newest server version 2.60b with the goal to allow older clients to connect to a 2.60b based server version (but shown as 2.55 version in game browser)."


Fixed issue with Punkbuster kicks (protocol error) works only with 2.55 clients.

Download & Info:

--> ET Server Patch 2.55+ (Windows & Linux)
--> 2.55+ Website

Some notable advantages:

  • Many security and bug fixes
  • Less CPU load
  • More server stability and performance

~Equal One