ET-Mod: TJmod 1.2.2

15.07.2009 : 02:10
The new version of TJMod (1.2.2) has timeruns, similar to defrag and alike. For those who doesn't already know, the point of this is to compete for the best times at different runs. There's already quite a few maps made explicitly for timeruns, and there's new scripted timeruns for realmaps daily, e.g. from Allies first spawn at oasis to the old city wall.

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.2.2

All records set while logged in are added to the online record system.
There is also an overall ranking, which can be seen here.
Currently it's only the records set on the official TJMod servers which are added to the online record systems, due to the possibility to fake records, but the timeruns and such are still usable on any server.

Anyways, check it out (and remember to login).
Some map examples: Dinirun6, Dinirun7, Shorties

To login you simply do /login in the console, this removes some of your general abilities like noclip and forces your speed to be reset when you load, and basically makes everything a little stricter so the chance of abusing or exploiting anything in order to get better times are minimized. Automatic login for any timerun map can be enabled with tj_autologin 1.
Saving and loading is always enabled, for those of you new to this it means that you can save your position, and then load it whenever you wish, so you don't have to walk back to the specific place or related.

Normally when you start a timer, all your previous saves are removed, to prevent saving in front of the stoptimer in order to get a very fast time. But we have created something we call "noreset" areas, at most realmaps there is a global noreset area. A noreset area means that your saves inside this area won't be removed when you start a timerun, but instead the timerun will be reset when you load. So when you load, it will be as if you didn't start the timerun, and this makes it impossible to exploit anything with saving and loading.