ET-Mod: Kmod+ v0.5.4 Alpha

30.06.2009 : 11:43
KMOD+, built from clutch152's kmod, aims to bring complete admin support to the ETpro mod.


--> Kmod+ v0.5.4 Alpha

I don't remember all the features right now, so I will list some from the top of my head:

  • Complete shrubbot support
  • Comes with a set of most used admin commands
  • Ability to write your own commands and share them easily (drag & drop)
  • Killing spree's / multi-kills
  • Banners
  • and lots more...

Alot of the stuff, like the killing spree's, multi-kills and banners are compatible with the ETpub mod, which means you can use the same banners.cfg spree.cfg with KMOD+, and you dont need to rewrite everything.

  • This is an alpha release. Due to lack of time it was rushed to release. Some of the stuff, mainly the last implemented feature - killing spree system - wasn't tested on a live server.
  • Use at your own risk.

Installation notes:

Extract the into your etpro directory, and add "kmod+.lua" to the lua_modules cvar.

Please report bugs back to

You can find more LUA modules I've made on
And don't forget to share your custom made commands with us.