ET-Prefab: Streets of Italy +15 ASE Models

20.04.2009 : 12:50

"Here is a source of Streets of Italy FP2 map for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, a map by IndyJones, Pazur and Isbowhten. The file is including 15 custom ASE models made by me, IndyJones.

Inside this rar file, I've also included .map file of never released FP3 version with very small changes, like damaged ramps. It doesn't contain sky brushes that block VIS, therefore you should export them from FP2 version or make your own.

You are allowed to do any changes to the .map file, but if you are going to release changed version, don't name it Streets of Italy as I can't guarantee that the map is good enough to release. If you want to make a 'official' next version of SoI, please contact me before."


--> 'Streets of Italy' Source +15 ASE Models