Wolfenstein: For today's hardware

15.04.2009 : 23:11
"B.J. is back. William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz was the gung-ho hero who single-handedly conquered Castle Wolfenstein and the man who really won World War II. One of the longest lived and best-loved franchises in gaming history, Wolfenstein is reborn, rebuilt from the ground up using state of the art development tools and ready for today's advanced computer hardware.

First introduced by John Carmack and his friends as a shareware legend in 1992 and later voted into the gaming Hall of Fame, Wolfenstein 3D single-handedly started the first-person shooter (FPS) category of computer games and was the predecessor to such venerable heroes of today as Gordon Freeman from Half Life and Master Chief from Halo. Now, 17 years after the groundbreaking original Wolfenstein 3D was first released, comes Wolfenstein - an all-new game from one of the most recognized names in computer gaming."

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Recommended System Specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i7 Processor 2.97 GHz
Graphics: PCI Express 2.0 Multi-GPU Graphics 512 MB or greater VRAM
Media: DVD
OS: Microsoft Windows VistaRtCW4ever!