ET-Tool: cfgCheck v1.0 Beta

14.04.2009 : 16:42
This tool made by cl4ym4n will only return cheat-cvars that are set with (set|seta|setl|setenv|sets|setu|eth_set|eth_vec) - e.g. seta kik_aim "1".
Why? To avoid as much false positives as were returned in version 0.1.
However you are able to scan all config-groups for cheat-cvar-matches. Tick the respective box under the textarea, but keep in mind that this is also no guarantee for any matches. Although he collected 1.800+ different and unique cheat-cvars there is a shitload more that aren't scanned here. If you would like to support him with any more cheat-related cvars, feel free to contact him.
What is the '(n/a)'-shizzle? - He collected a list of cheats / hacks / aimbots and their cvar-prefix. When a possible cheat-cvar is identified by it's prefix, it will show you the respective hack(s). - cfgCheck

--> cfgCheck v1.0 Beta

Features in v1.0 Beta:

  • Basic check by pasting the config into the textarea
  • Advanced check by just entering the crossfire-user-id
  • Grouping into:
    • Cheat-cvars
    • Suspicious / unknown cvars, binds, vstrs
    • Key bindings
    • Comments
    • Official / known cvars
  • Optional scan of all groups for cheat-cvar-matches
  • Output of possible hacks (according to the respective match)
  • Simple stats about the amount of total cvars etc.

How does it work?

  • Actually its just a simple filter that seperates the cfgs content into the above named groups using a list of official wolfenstein/etpro/whatever cvars and commands.
  • Pure cheat-cvars are - from now on - only detected when theyre set with (set|seta|setl|setenv|sets|setu|eth_set|eth_vec) - e.g. seta kik_aim "1". This is to avoid the false positives from v0.1 (and ofc also to reduce the whine :D).
  • However i highly recommend you to scan all groups for possible cheat-cvars, since such cvar can also be set with - e.g. bind x "vsay Hi; kik_aim 1".

How to use it?

  • Just paste your config into the textarea and (un)tick the checkboxes below whether you want specific groups to be scanned for cheat-cvars or not. Then just press 'Check'.
  • or
  • Simply enter the respective crossfire-user-id in the field below the textarea to fetch the config directly from xfire. However this only works with single *.cfg-files. Compressed archives (*.zip, *.rar) are not supported (yet? who knows :D).