ET-Map: Siwa Oasis SW (Beta 3)

31.07.2005 : 13:12

1. Guns are connected over middle arch so attacks can come from either side to dyno either gun. 2. 1 pump drains tunnels (Pump at allies start). Theres a axis door in tunnels near exit. Tunnels are connected so both wells can be used to access Old City to blow the wall or grab the flag. 3. When pump is build allies can spawn near the pump. If its blown they spawn at original Allies start. This spawn can be used to access tunnels to garrison since tunnels are connected giving
the allies 2 spawns when old city wall is blown to attack guns. 4. When Old City wall is blown the small covert door to the left is blown out also. Power to axis only door in tunnels is also disabled at this point and unlocked for allies to use. 5. Water drains more and only 2 small spot of water remain when drained, but does not affect attacking allies anymore. 6. Ladder where MG was is moved down one room. It comes up in a room in the upper level instead of by the MG. Can still get to it the way you did before underneath by tank... *but also can access it through a door which is satchel/dynamitable at far south room in front of the garrison. (MG in garrison removed and some cans and boxes replaced for cover). 7. Satchelable, dynamitable door that gives access from south side to lower area near tank and ladder to upper Garrison. Axis can rebuild. 8. Axis upper garrison spawn accessible. 9. Added door behind axis spawn in alley can be used to attack coming from the old city wall when using the upper path. 10. Wall added where axis spawn to cut off axis easy access to tunnel side. Should help give allies a better chance at this choke point rather then axis spawning right next to it and instantly shutting it down.

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