RtCW-SP-Mod: Reich Re-Animation

10.02.2009 : 13:56
Looking for a good reason to load up "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" once again? Well answer me this question!

When your surrounded by the fallen and there is no one left to recruit, just how do you replenish a decimated army on the brink of collapse?.. Well, for "Deathshead", the temporary answer is simple! You animate the dead to re-stock the once strong Axis Infantry! He has combined the forces of science and the super-natural as a quick fix remedy and feels this is the right, or should I say "Reich" answer to the infantry shortage problem!


--> Reich Re-Animation

His more permanent solution is just now coming online and is one that Allied "Agent Blazkowicz" will find even more disturbing than the first! "Cloned Troopers", under Axis mind control, have been generated at the "X-Labs" facility and who better to clone than our hero "Agent Blazkowicz", one of the Allies best commandos now sadly at the disposal of the "Axis of Evil". Bear witness to "Hell on Earth" as the fallen are "Re-Animated" once again and pressed back into Axis service! The "Officers" and "Black Guards" will make sure that our hero "Agent Blazkowicz", will have his own private "Hell" to deal with!... They seem to know his every thought!!!

Hey! Ever wonder what it would feel like to be "Hugh Hefner" and have 3 beautiful women "Follow" you around where ever you go? .. Well here's your chance! As an added mod bonus, I have altered the "Inge Sister's" or "Village Girls" scripting so that they will be enabled to "Follow" you about, if you so wish! Once they see you and play out their intended scripting roles in either level of "Village1" or "Village2", just shoot off a gunshot sound away from them and they will be triggered to "Follow" you around! Once they catch up to you, they will pause and stand idle again! You can either leave them behind or fire off another shot and they will continue to "Follow" you as you wish through the whole level if you want! You will notice that when you fire off a gunshot sound, I programmed them to give you a little finger to mouth "SHHHH" sign as if to be "Quiet!" I would recommend using either the "silencer pistol" or "silencer sten" ( found after meeting "Hilda" at the "Officers Inn" - Village1 ) to do most of your "Follow" activation as these weapons are nice and quiet and won't draw any unwanted attention once fired! The "Village Girls" now give the "Elite Guard-Honeys" a run for the money! ... So the next time you play "Return to Castle Wolfenstein", don't leave "Eva" behind stuck in her room to sulk, take her to a hotel... To visit "Inge" of course!!!

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