ET-Mod: East Front (Alpha 0.7)

08.02.2009 : 17:07

The team of East Front is really fast in fixing bugs, improvements and adding new things to their total convertion. Alpha 0.7 is released!


--> East Front (Alpha 0.7 - Full Version)

Remember to set Hunkmegs to 192 or more if needed! (minimum 128).

There are still alot of bugs to be spottet! if you see a bug then please report it at our homepage:


  • Fixed tank turret and barrel movement and positions.
  • Fixed artillery code.
  • Added BT7 russian light tank.
  • Added artillery to fueldump supremacy map.
  • AI pathfinding fixes.
  • Fixed an NPC crash bug.
  • Reduced CPU usage of server code.
  • Improvements for AI pathfinding multithreading code.
  • Misc AI fixes.
Planet Wolfenstein