ET-Map: Chartwell 1.4.0

04.02.2009 : 11:43

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Chartwell, England, 1943. Axis have launched a surprise paratroop attack on Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, to steal the plans for the D-Day invasion.

This is a small map of 20 mins duration, centred on the Axis attempts to enter the house and obtain the plans, best for 6-16 players per team.


  • Fixed the exploit in which docs could be taken from the closed safe.
  • Added ammo supply in outbuilding.
  • Made the fire in the chimney hotter.


Axis initially spawn at a building nearby, but they can quickly enable their paratroopers to attack by damaging the AA gun or the AA gun controls. With either of these out of action, the Axis spawn location is randomly changed to any location on the map for each Axis respawn. This allows the Axis team to attack from potentially any direction.

Allies need to repair both in order to force the Axis back to the original spawn.

The main Allied spawn is in the basement. There is an Allied-only flag in the pavilion, which if captured gives the Allies the option of spawning outside the house.

To get into the house, Axis must either dynamite the main entrance (non-repairable) or satchel either of the stairwell doors (repairable).

The Key must be taken from the ground floor dining room to the safe in the top floor study. To get into the study either of its doors must have been destroyed (one by dyna, one by satchel, both non-repairable).

On delivering the Key to the safe, the safe door opens and the Plans can be stolen. They must be taken to the Command Post in the grounds, and the Command Post built to secure an Axis victory.

Although all of the windows visible in picture 3 can be broken, getting out of the house with the Plans is a little trickier than it seems, as the broken windows are too narrow to jump through.

In this map Axis Cov Ops can set booby traps at the AA gun and AA gun controls in an effort to safeguard the paratroop attack from interruption. The booby traps are detonated if an unwary allied soldier touches the faint translucent white bar that reveals their presence. Allied Cov Ops can defuse the booby traps.

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