ET-Map: MLB Hotchkiss (Final)

20.04.2005 : 14:54

Created in 1871, the Hotchkiss company was designed from the very start to produce weaponry. In 1939, it had extended it's market to machine guns, tank & cannon shells but also cars & military vehicles. This map takes place around the Saint-Denis Hotchkiss Factory, near Paris, where intensive production of several weapons had started to prepare for the german invasion. When making this map, we decided to alter the scenario a little and use the Hotchkiss Factory for a secret
missile prototype that the French would be setting up in order to knock the german Blitzkrieg strategy out. It all takes place when Axis invade France, and are arriving near the Hotchkiss factory which has already been severrely bombed by their Luftwaffe. The Axis assault squad mission is to infiltrate the Factory and retrieve a prototype of the missile before allies destroy the few models still remaining.

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