ET-Mod: East Front (Alpha 0.6)

15.01.2009 : 22:30

The team of East Front is really fast in fixing bugs, improvements and adding new things to their total convertion. Alpha 0.6 is released!


--> East Front (Alpha 0.6 - Full Version)

Remember to set Hunkmegs to 192 or more if needed! (minimum 128).

There are still alot of bugs to be spottet! if you see a bug then please report it at our homepage:


  • Removed NPC names to reduce lag.
  • Reduced CPU usage of NPC code.
  • Fixed a lot of text colors to make them readable on snow background.
  • Some other general AI and UI fixes.
  • Reduced bot CPU usage by about 65 to 80%. Most servers should now be able to use 62 bots.
  • Reduced CPU usage of NPCs by about 50 to 70%. Most servers should be able to use the max value (unless running bots as well).
  • Fixed enemy locating code for bots and NPCs.
  • EF AI is now multithreaded, on windows a large percentage of AI code now runs on a second CPU if you have one.
  • Improved navigation code for bots and NPCs.
  • Bots that are stuck for 45 seconds will now suicide to reduce lag and latency.
  • Fixed some other misc code for bots and NPCs.
  • Added the new MP-40 model to the game.
  • Added the fog fix pk3 that was missing from the previous versions. (needs to be in etmain for some strange reason).
[EF]Tyrlop via MSN