ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.3 Hunkmegs Fix

10.01.2009 : 15:51
[!!!]Harlekin of made a fix for NQ 1.2.3 wich finally solves the hunkmegs error.

"These files will set com_hunkmegs to 128 MB, without overwriting default autoexec.cfg! It works when clients start etmain or No Quarter if both pk3's installed serverside.
Place hunkmeg_fix_nq_folder.pk3 into noquarter and the hunkmeg_fix_etmain.pk3 into etmain.
Files can be also used clientside but be sure that latest version of NoQuarter is installed."

The fix is included into the downloadfile of NQ 1.2.3

Download & Info:

--> Download 'No Quarter 1.2.3'

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