ET-Minimod: Sylvester Mod

26.12.2008 : 11:39
Hello guys, soon there is a new year! 2009! And because of this reason I've made with ischbinz the first official New Year pack! Some funny changes and only 1 MB filesize. Have fun with it & A happy new year! ~PanCake


--> Sylvester Mod


  • Grenade of Axis & Allies is now a little red cracker
  • Knife is a rocket
  • Mortar rocket is a bottle of champagne
  • Ammo pack changed and it includes:
    • Some crackers
    • 2 Rockets
    • 1 Firemaker
  • Medic pack changed and it inclueds:
    • 2 Bottles of Beer
    • Some needles

PanCake via PM