RtCW-SP-Skinpack: Axis Mechanics

24.12.2008 : 15:09
This skin mod adds either Black Leather Jackets or vests to the 4 styles of Axis Mechanics used through out the game. These changes alter the appearance of the Axis Mechanics so they look alot less like the Blackguards Jumpsuits, yet still maintain a uniform look!


--> Axis Mechanics

Most of the different Soldiers and Elite Guard-Honeys have quite a few "Skin" mods available already!! Come to think of it, even Helga has her own "Skin" mod! If your going to upgrade your Soldiers & Elite Guard-Honeys, you might as well upgrade your Mechanics as well! Let's not forget that the Axis Mechanics are killers too and do come packing "Heat". However, next time they brandish that German Luger.. They will be dressed to kill!

Added to these custom Black Leather Jackets and Vests are these upgrades as well:

  • Custom Turtle Neck Collars.
  • Custom Sleeves on the Black Leather Jacket.
  • Custom Black Leather Belt on Jackets and Vests.
  • Re-sized Black Leather Vest Mid-Section to Fit.
  • The 4 Mechanics Classes / Insignias on Sleeves.

The New Black Leather Jackets resemble Bomber/Biker style and look very good! To round up this offering, I reworked the Mechanics Caps as follows:

  • Darkend the Cap from Gray to Black.
  • Custom Cap-Bill ... Black Leather instead of Cloth.
  • For 3 Mechanics Classes / Custom Insignias on front.
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