RtCW-SP-Map: Wolfenstein 3D (E1M1)

22.12.2008 : 16:42

~ Download ~
It's a remake of level E1M1 from the original Wolfenstein 3D. That sort of decided the name... The X and Y directions are exactly the same as the original... but the ''Z'' is pwn3d by me! ~The Pirate

When a mapper gets bored and run out of ideas, what do you do? Usually a remake of Doom E1M1. But... what started the FPS genre before Doom? Wolfenstein 3D! This is my modest tribute to W3D, and all the happy hours I spent playing it.

Additional Credits to ID Software for the wonderful games they make, and for letting us play along, sharing their efforts with us, behaving like friends, instead of infesting their software with DRM and treating us as thieves...
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