ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.3

20.12.2008 : 21:32
NoQuarter is back with a bang! We spend near a half year to make NQ better than ever before and packed the mod with near countless bigger and smaller fixes in code and assets. Especially for the assets-part not every fix is listed, because it would be to much. One thing that most people awaited to hear: The lags are gone & the hunkmegs-problem is solved! NQ is now not more lagging than other mods.


The .dll for Windows servers is fixed. In the previous version Windows servers was crashing because a tag line was missing.
The downloadfile has been updated, download it again if you're running a Windows server.
Many thanks to sl.Sonyfan for reporting the bug and to S.S.Hot Rocks for the quick release of the fix!

Most Important Note:

Currently NQ 1.2.3 ist not supported by PunkBuster which will hopefully fixed soon. Disable it for now otherwise windows user (only!) get kicked by Corrupted File/Memory [124008] error. We know this occures since last punkbuster update and all mods under development have this issue. We have created a trouble ticket at EvenaBalance, please do not spam their ticket system.

Download & Info:

--> Download 'No Quarter 1.2.3'
--> 'No Quarter' Website

Merry christmas and a happy new year wishes you the NoQuater development team and the NQ contributors/supporters:

S.S.Meyerinchains - JaquboSS - snl // lucel - S.S.jetPilot - *fu*JayBird - IRATA [*] - .:redeye:. - IlDuca - |>B<|Molotov - Berzerkr (GER)| - crapshoot

The Shit Storm Clan - Mr. Mxyzptlk - ReyalP - Zinx - ETPub - M[*]A[*]S[*]H 4077 ET Server Friends - antman - mcfw - Arkox - Dr. Evil - jaskot - crapshoot - juby - kamikazee - Mortis - Mr. Mxyzptlk - nUllSkillZ - PACK - PCR - |>B<|peyote - RayBan - StM - [!!!]Harlekin


  • Removed stun realism (4) from g_realism cvar
  • Added g_realism 4 - Drop weapons if poisoned
  • Fixed g_inactivity and g_spectatorInactivity - no mare AFK players except if the shrubbot flag "0" -Player cannot be automatically kicked or put spec due to inactivity- overwrite it via adminlevel
  • jp_insanity 512 - added fun mode which displays attacker's HP on every kill with headshot weapon
  • Added a new skill: Battle Sense 9 - Battlefield Briefing (arty awareness) skill. Similar to grenade awareness.
  • Fixed XP overflow bug (negative Xp values in HUD)
  • Added OmniBot 0.71 support
    • Bots receive chat events now
  • Reworked shuffle (more info here.)
  • Fixed "Lag bug" when pmove_fixed = 1
  • Display the reason and expiration to banned players when they try to connect
  • Prevent "empty player name" bans when editing the name in the game options menu
  • Added missing team_panzerRestriction cvar.
  • Fixed the basic code. Cleared & tons of old bot code and unused vars removed
  • Added first headshot message similar to first blood
  • Send private pessage sound as new event type
  • Shotgun usage improvments
  • Do not allow to kick with Bazooka/Panzerfaust (mainly because of retarded animation)
  • Fix for g_trueping 1 - antiwarp disabled if gamestate is intermission
  • Fixed poison time when a !poison admin command is used
  • Added new shrub flag "?" to control the adminlevels allowed to call a vote
  • Added extra g_adrenaline flags to control who is allowed to use adrenaline (cvars are: SOLDIER 128, MEDIC 256, ENGINEER 512, FIELDOPS 1024, COVERTOPS 2048)
  • Improved NQ and UI ingame menu
  • Added ingame tweak menu
    • Added vote variables to the config files and extended the ingame vote menu
    • popupfilter option
  • Added hidden sounds to chat menu
  • Location files added and set to view on client as default for new players (NQ regulars have to set this) - thx antman!
  • Added mapfixes/missing textures/missing md3 files for different maps
  • Fixed the voice tone of the announcers/general sound update
  • Added/Fixed countless visual updates
    • Only one assets pk3 is needed
    • The non working/not used body and face textures are now available
    • Team based colored stuff
    • NQ's iron cross model instead of wolfy logo on the textures
    • Mirrored truck glass etc.
    • NOTE: If you use costum skin/sound pack or ui menu you may need rework your pack!
    • Assets cleaned from unused files
  • Added the latest bug/cheat fixes to the 6 official maps, more map fixes added to fun pack. For more info see the readme.txt in the maps directory of pk3 file.
  • 4 missed cvar (g_teamDamageRestriction, g_minHits, g_autoTempBan, g_autoTempBanTime) added to the config list
  • Removed cvar g_shotgunPellets
  • Removed colored smoke features and cvars g_smokeColor_Allies, g_smokeMod_Allies, g_smokeColor_Axis, g_smokeMod_Axis
  • Reordered cg_skillViewOptions, added new flag to control visual effect for new Battlefield Briefing skill
  • Fixed !nade overflow bug (thanks to patheticcockroach for the patch)
  • Fixed crash bug with !showbans shrubbot command
  • Fixed missile cam rendering with exploding barrels
  • Fixed an issue with /give disguise
  • Sweep for landmines CPU improvement fix
  • Fixed aura skill - the teamwork will be rewarded
  • Popup message icons fixed