ET-Mod: Christmas Pack 2008

14.12.2008 : 23:55
Christmas time comes. This year I present a pack of the best X-Mas changes for a big server (That means, much changed but only little size of this file!). It was made for the Prime Squadron Community and Ischbinz from the Easy Company helped me very friendly. Feel free to add it to your server. ~Pancake


--> Christmas Pack 2008

15 Changes in exactly 1 MB:

  • Allies hat green
  • Axis hat red
  • Mine Skin tree
  • Knife changed to a wand
  • Grenades changed to snowballs
  • Ammo & Medic packs changed
  • New X-Mas progressbar
  • Mortar shell is a Santa
  • Flags (Axis & Allies) changed
  • 2 News files:
    • !news xmas - "Achmed the dead Terrorist: Jingle Bombs"
    • !news hoho - "Hohohoho"
pancake via PM