ET-Tool: ETStarterPro 0.8

05.07.2005 : 16:51
Hilfreiches Tool von Tintifax_x zum Starten von ET.

-[ Download ''ETStarterPro 0.8'' ]-

  • Integrated patch selector - no more .bat files or multiple icons
  • Let's you manage a list of favourite servers, together with game version and private slot passwort (optional) and connect with one mouseclick
  • Built in server query tool, displays server information as well as a player list of the actual server
  • Built in serverbrowser for all 3 ET versions (2.55, 2.56, 2.60) that let's you add your favourites easily or join a server directly
  • Let's you automatically start ET Minimizer when starting ET
  • Let's you automatically connect to a teamspeak server when starting ET
  • Let's you automatically delete your etkey file when starting ET, to avoid common PunkBuster errors
  • Let's you automatically start a user defined application together with ET
  • Let's you automatically terminate user defined applications when starting ET (for example MSN Messenger, Trillian, etc.)
  • Takes etspro:// links from websites to directly join servers from any browser (Syntax: "etspro://server=ip:port&version=version")
  • Let's you import and export your configuration to backup server list and settings
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