ET-Soundpack: Halloween Optimized (Beta 1)

26.10.2008 : 23:25
I just make the sounds smaller. The Sounds are the same.


--> Halloween Sounds (Beta 1) Optimized

With this mod it will add some custom sound vsays to your ordinary vsays. Its a fun soundpack for the month of October with halloween so close and all. Some of the sounds include screams, scary voices, southpark halloween clips, scary sounding welcomes and scary sounds. This pk3 also includes axis win/allies win sounds from the movie physco and the xfiles theme song so when you win a match you will here these sounds instead of your ordinary boring win sounds. Also I have found it hard when you have a jaymod mod to spice things up a bit. In NQ and ETpub you can add commands it doesn't work that way for jaymod so this is a little something I think that would help spice up a server and more for a jaymod server. But it can also be used in NQ and ETpub as well. ~way2hardRtCW4ever!