ET-Map: Shield (Beta 1)

19.10.2008 : 16:17

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Mankind developed powerful weapons and shields. Intelligent scientists convinced some soldiers to destroy their own weapons being too strong. The enemy's scientists ordered a similar mission. As there is only one point to destroy the shield-protector, both, axis and allies arrived at the same time in the same small, but modern, city. Both teams immediately began to fight.
What a pity they didn't know their missions were the same. Unnecessarily warring they just had in mind to destroy both, axis and allied, shield-protector placed in the city before as an act of deception - "to defend" - , because the teams' bosses did not know anything about a destruction-plan.

Two Videos:

--> How to handle the shield
--> Some TJ's & tricks & whatever

A team has to prevent the opponents to get any of the shields for 6,66 minutes. You dont have to hold both shields, you also can hide them... Only make sure that opponents dont get any of the shields for 6,66 minutes. If both teams hold or hide one shield or if you do not prevent them for 6,66 minutes until map timelimit has been expired the map ends with a tie!

  • the shield follows you after activating it!
  • shield gets activated using it (usually press 'f').
  • shield gets deactivated using it again, or if you arent inside anymore (usually dead).
  • after having stood in the middle of the shield it counts as "got" and if you don't activate it , it wont follow you til it is active.
  • if you activate it you "hold" it, if you deactivate it cause of using it again you "hide" it. if you leave the shield while it is activated, you "unhold" it.

The shield rotates around you and follows your movement as good as possible if it is active.
It also can't be stolen, "hold"/"got" by the other team before you get killed or shield gets deactivated, "unhold"/"hidden" by your team.

At map start your own shield (as is shouldn't be used for fighting) is secured in a building, nobody can enter. So it is rescued - in your hands. Don't let the opponents dynamite the building's wall in order to steal it!

When active:

hold: solid, rotating, pusher at top, yellow-green
When deactivated:
unhold: unsolid, blinks yellow-green-blue
hidden: solid, yellow-green

Also if it is not active but still solid as you have hidden it you can also activate it from outside to prevent hiding it into a wall.SplashDamage
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