QW-Map: After the War 3 (Beta 4)

16.09.2008 : 18:58

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In this map the GDF are attacking. They must infiltrate a secret Strogg facility where upgrades to the Goliath are being tested and steal the contruction plans. Because the strogg have a tight hold over this part of Europe the GDF's best hope for a secure extraction is through their naval fleet. GDF HQ has planned this mission for night-time when the foggy weather conditions can facilitate an easier extraction.

The GDF aproach the facility via a railroad tunnel to the south. They must then build a safe spot for deploying a platypus they'll use to escape with the plans. Before they can steal the plans, however, they must hack into the security computer deep behind enemy lines to cut off power to the defense turret watching over the warehouse. Once this is done, the GDF have to plant an explosive charge at the warehouse doors. Finally the GDF must take the construction plans to the awaiting platypus and sail away to the awaiting fleet standing off the coast outside of artillery range. Once the mission begins the GDF have 15 minutes to accomplish their goal, because that's the time it takes the Strogg capital ships orbiting Earth to zero in on the location and nuke the site from orbit (just to make sure).
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