ETpro-LUA: Anti-Spawnkill v0.8

04.09.2008 : 16:24
ETWsk aims to reduce spawnkilling (SK) on public funservers. An SK here is if someone kills an enemy near a fix spawn point. A fix spawn point means that it can not be cleared by the enemy. E.g. on radar map, the allied Side Gate spawn is not fix as the axis can destroy the command post. However, the Main Bunker spawn is fix after the Allies have destroyed the Main Gate. ETWsk does not prevent but it detects and counts SKs for every player. If a player has caused a certain number of SKs, he gets punished (putspec, kick, ban, ...). As the detection of fix spawns is difficult especially on custom maps, little configuration work has to be done.


--> Anti-Spawnkill v0.8
--> ETWsk Website
--> ETWsk Spawn-Configurations

New with version 0.8 of ETWsk is the community site where you can download and upload spawn configurations for currently 62 maps, so you don't have to define it every time anew if someone already made a lua-module for a map.


  • circular protection areas around spawn points
  • two protection radius can be defined: heavy weapons and normal weapons
  • the spawn protection expires when a player hurts an enemy (can be disabled)
  • fully configurable for individual maps: fixing radius; adding actions that change
  • protected areas during the game; adding new protection areas.
  • client console commands for stats and help for configuration
  • no RunFrame() -> low server load
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