ET-Minimod: Modern Combat 1.2

31.08.2008 : 15:33
This mini mod was made by MajorNr01 is compatible to all known mods but looks best on jaymod with RtCW-Weapon fire rates.


--> Modern Combat 1.2

General changes:

  • new sleeve and hand textures for axis and allies
  • changed some player animations
  • Allied Thompson changed completely into M16 / M4
  • Axis MP40 changend into Ak47
  • Added some kind of hand to satchel charge and medpack
  • New skin for Luger, luger and colt two handed
and a couple of other "bugfixes" or "not so good looking changes".

Some examples:

  • knife doesn't glue on the face anymore
  • sten left arm and all pistol arms got a sleeve
  • and some few changes more...

Changed sound of:

Thompson (M16 / M4), MP40 (Ak40), Colt, FG42, Garand and Garand Sniper, Knife slashs, Luger, MG42, Sten

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