QW-Mod: ETQWpro 0.7

25.08.2008 : 13:50
"Hi there,

Ive been working some time now on this release, while the changelog seems short, this is one of the bigger updates.

The ranked server protocol changed and saves lots of traffic now. Stats can not be overwritten anymore.

Ingame Live Stats have been added, you can toggle them with a binding similar to bind "key" "_stats". Those stats get update each "x" settings (changeable by serveradmins and defaulted to 20 seconds). " ~hannes

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.7''
--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.7 (Installer)''
--> ETQWpro Website
--> ETQWpro Wiki
--> Public server for testing:


  • Added es_allowStroyUpDown. Allows serveradmins to disable stroyup / down (serverside)
  • Reworked the whole ranked system. Less traffic (no ingame stats requests anymore)
  • No combined stats anymore.
  • Added new stat value Total Headshots
  • Added live stats (gets refreshed every 20 seconds), use _stats to display them
  • Stats are now also on Ranked servers available
  • Added ec_endgameStats - show endgame stats in the console (end of round)
  • Added es_vanillaMode - disables all ETQWPro vehicle limits / weapon spread / script objects / weapon limits / etc
  • Live Stats in the gui (current accuracy, shots hit, kills ... etc etc) (bind x _stats)
  • By default, all ETQWPro cvars are set to vanilla values!
  • Added important people, people that helped in any way, to the credits
  • Added sniper weapons to the stats page (if you miss a weapon, let me know)
  • Added es_satsSyncDelay (serverside) Delay in seconds between a server -> client stats sync (this is for the livestats)
  • Added es_sprintstyle 3, allows to shoot while sprinting
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