ET-Mod: ETpro & ET-Ace

16.08.2008 : 16:51
bani gave green light and allowed the ET-Ace team to release a own version of ETpro with their Anti-Cheat.

bani wrote:
  • etpro team does not explicitly endorse anti3 at this time
  • etpro won't prevent anti3 distribution
  • anti3 distribution must be clearly labeled as 'not an official etpro distribution'
  • anti3 users use anti3 'at their own risk', etpro cannot provide support for anti3 users.
if anti3 proves resistant to attacks (and proves it is trustworthy) we may investigate directly integrating into etpro in the future.

So what does this mean? It means ET-Ace can go forward and publish a mod with ETPro features and their own AntiCheat! And if things go really well, we basically have etpro equipped with anticheat while both of them get updates every now and then.
Let's all have our thumbs up for quad and chaplja and wish them success with this project that might very well save ET! ~decem

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Thanks: Crossfire