New ETpro version with Anti-Cheat ??

27.07.2008 : 00:27
After a lot of effort by the crew behind the ET-ACE mod and anti cheat software 'Anti3' to establish a kind of cooparation between their project and the ETpro team around bani, there now seem to be a possibility of a brighter future for Enemy Territory. The plan of the ET-ACE crew was to implement their new anti cheat technology into the common competition mod ETpro as there didn't seem to be any other way to get their anti cheat software accepted by the broad community.

After months of debates, discussion and applies there seem to be a chance to make this dream happen, as ETpro head bani replied finally and signalised his will to have a deeper look into the ET-ACE project.

Bani wrote:
"I'd prefer to see the code tbh. That would prove to me trustworthiness more than anything else. It would also prove to me you know what you're doing

I'd certainly want to have some kind of examination of the code before I'd license something that would be a redistributed derivative work. The blame would come right back at us if anti3 turned out to be a problem (crashes, false positives, backdoors, etc) because we allowed it."

An agreement of bani would probably mean a new ETpro version with an implemented promissing anti cheat technology which already caught former FF player gnajda during the 3on3 WorldCup. Other possibilities would be a stand-alone mod or anti cheat software working alongside ETpro.minus Gaming
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