QW-Mod: ETQWpro 0.6

22.07.2008 : 09:11
"A few minutes ago I published the 0.6 Version of ETQWPro Mod.

This Mod merges Splashdamage's Competition Mod and the old version of ETQWPro.

The main goals were to keep vanilla commands and Competition Commands working. So all your Scripts from vanilla or compmod should also work in ETQWPro 0.6. Also user experience was a high priority, so you will now get feedback on error messages and so on.

0.6 is also supporting its very own ranked server system. More Information on this will made public soon.

No more words from me, be sure to check the changelog here and the complete Cvar list here

Mac users: I didnt forget you. I am still trying to find a way how to get binaries for you.

Windows server admins: Be sure to check the changelog. There is some info about Windows server binaries

I do suggest using the installer, since it cleans up your system!" ~hannes

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.6''
--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.6 (Installer)''
--> ETQWpro Website
--> ETQWpro Wiki
--> Changelog
--> Public server for testing:
ETQWpro Website