ETF-Map: Industrial (Open Beta)

23.06.2005 : 21:26

Eine neue Map namens ETF_Industrial wurde als Open Beta veröffentlicht.

ETF_Industrial Open Beta
Posted by : LaVaGoD on Tuesday, June 21 2005 - 4:12 PM

We have decided to release one of our official maps to you as a beta for public testing of its game play. The map is called industrial and is an Assault style map. The goal of the map is to have the offense team place 2 bombs (HE charges) on 2 markers to end the round and win the match. The defense will get points for how long they can hold the other team from blowing the marked points.

I ask that server admins also try and load this map on their server so we can get some proper full games for testing. Also please post your findings here in this thread.

You can grab the map here.

Map Author – Jedis