ET-Tool: ETscript 3.1

10.07.2008 : 18:59
ETScript is a script editor designed specifically for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map script files. These script files are usually written in simple text editors like Notepad, which offer very little extra support. ETScript is different. While it hosts all useful features popular text editors like Notepad have, it also hosts a ton of features designed specifically for W:ET script files. You will probably find ETScript superior over Notepad, simply because it looks and handles identical to Notepad, plus a ton of extra features. These features are mostly aimed toward W:ET script files and help you to write your scripts quicker, easier and with less errors.


--> ETscript 3.1


ETScript has all the standard text editor features such as the usual Open / Save file dialogs, Cut/Copy/Paste functionality, Find/Replace and Goto functionality, etc… These features behave exactly like you know them from any other text editor which makes ETScript very easy to use.

Additionaly, there are lots of large and important features, but also small improvements of the usual features. Here’s a list of a few of ETScript’s features; see the section ‘Help’ for all features and how to use them.

  • Intellisense / AutoComplete:
    When you are typing a keyword (for example trigger), ETScript picks up on this and displays a list of possible keywords plus a short description of the keyword, right underneath where you are typing. When you found the right keyword in the list, you can simply press Enter and ETScript will AutoComplete the word; you don’t even have to type more than a few letters!

  • Scriptcommand panel:
    A small panel on the right of your scripts displays a complete list of all keywords you possibly want to use in your script, ordered by category. Select a keyword to display it’s usage and a short description below.

  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI):
    ETScript is, unlike Notepad, a Multiple Document Interface, which basically means you can open a large number of scripts simultaneously. With the help of a few handy toolbar buttons you can arrange the windows either side-by-side, cascaded, stacked or squared, so you can read multiple scripts simultaneously.

  • AutoBackup Manager:
    If AutoBackup is enabled, ETScript 3 will automatically save a new backup file, without overwriting any old backup files, at the specified time interval (3 minutes by default).
    The AutoBackup Manager is a useful tool which displays all available backups of a specific map, (including their size and more importantly, their creation date and time) in a listview comparable to Windows Explorer. Inside the AutoBackup Manager window, you can delete or open any backup files.
    If you made a huge mistake in your script (for example, you deleted an important part without noticing), there’s a good chance you’ll find it back in the AutoBackup Manager. Using the creation time/date you can quickly find the right file and open it, before overwriting the real script file.

  • (Un)Comment selection:
    If you ever found yourself commenting out lots of lines, this feature will help you out a lot. Simply selecting any number of lines and pressing the ‘Comment selection’ button will comment out all selected lines simultaneously. In the same manner, using the ‘Uncomment selection’ button will remove any comment markers //, if present.