RtCW-Utility: RtCW Map Downloader 0.7

03.07.2008 : 19:57
This is an application that works together with the game 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'. It automatically downloads missing custom maps for the game.
Unfortunately RtCW does not support HTTP downloads. Downloading maps at 12kb/s takes way too much time. That's where this application comes in handy.


--> RtCW Map Downloader 0.7


  • RtCW (1.0, 1.33 or 1.4)
  • NET Framework 2.0
  • Downloads must be enabled on both client and server (sv_allowdownload 1 & cl_allowdownload 1)


You can view a list of supported maps on the website. You can also add maps and download URL's.
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