ET-Map: Vulcano Escape (Beta 2)

30.06.2008 : 17:54

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The Axis are stuck between two vulcanos that are about to erupt, they need to get away from there before they do! Axis must escort the tank, open the gate, build the bridge, and get away with the truck before there out of time! Allies must prefent all of this!


  • The Gate is now working without any bugs.
  • A path by the brigde.
  • The MG for the Allies is gone.
  • A map bug in the terrain of the snow is gone.
  • More paths in the crack with lava.
  • One more path to the truck barrier.
  • The tank stops when its finsihed, no more repeating sounds.
  • A sign by the switch.
  • A map for the limbo - menu.
  • Small adjustment in the .arena.
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