ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.0

30.06.2008 : 13:18
Surprise, surprise! A new version of No Quarter was released yesterday and includes tons of fixes and changes.

Download & Info:

--> Download 'No Quarter 1.2.0'
--> 'No Quarter' Website


  • Fixed some aura issues
  • Add flag 64 for g_slashkill, this stops in-fight selfkill.
  • Don't display negative health values for shortcut [s].
  • send alt weapon switch as event instead of just predicting it.
  • Options to draw/hide ping and country-flags added.
  • BOT in scoreboard justified to get space for high XP values.
  • Set lastrevive_client(for shortcut [r]) also when a player was healed with syringe.
  • Removed support for multiple weapon script directories.
  • Rework of killing spree code.
  • Add pop-up message filtering using cg_popupMessageFilter.
  • Don't show lives left in scoreboard when g_maxlives is not used.
  • Error messages extended.
  • Added team_panzerRestriction, a feature similar to et_admin mod's Panzer Pussy.
  • Force group read/write permissions of .xp files.
  • Fix wrong display of friendlyfire when g_friendlyfire is >1 (issue #26).
  • Fixed possible segmenation fault.
  • Made g_knifeonly really knife only mode. No pliers, dyno, arty, airstrikes or syringes anymore.
  • Buffered print shrubbot fix.
  • Added flag 64 to g_friendlyFire: Landmines hurt teammates when general FF is disabled.
  • Fix wrong slot/name matching in several commands.
  • Added CVARs to enable GeoIP serverside and clientside.
  • Fixed HUD display to show large XP values.
  • Added MCWF's GeoIP patch.
  • Fixed an issue with unmuting auto-muted players.
  • PM message sound added.
  • First blood message and sound.
  • Bots don't vote fix.
  • Players with bad ASCII named not allowed to connect (thus fixing many issues).
  • Improvements of bot XP save.
  • 5 XP penalty for poisoning a teammate.
  • !putteam changed to !put (get used to it).
  • Max fireteam members decreased to 6 (Really, who uses 8? It just messed up the HUD).
  • Integrated ETPro antiwarp.
  • Changed WP_FG42_SCOPE back to WP_FG42SCOPE for logging purposes (vsp)
  • Fixed bot FF hitsound exploit.
  • Omnibot 0.66 support
  • Added Jaymod style double jump with g_doubleJump 2.
  • Fixed full revive syringe color. Was checking for Signals level 3 not First Aid.
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