Two new Wolfenstein movies

24.06.2008 : 19:44
A look over at our partner site RtCW 4 ever! points out two new movies from ET and RtCW.

ET-Movie: Memento

This movie was made by the creator of Klamateur Hour. A frag movie of Australian and New Sealand matches. A few very good scenes come along with shoutcast comments to raise the atmosphere.

--> Download 'Memento' @ RtCW 4 ever!

RtCW-Movie: GotBounce?
That's the title of this Deatch Match RtCW 1.4 movie. Produced and made by Bouncy. Nice frags, good music and very good quality.

--> Download 'GotBounce?' @ RtCW 4 ever!

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