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18.06.2008 : 22:05
Kool-ET allows their members to upload videos of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. There also have a category for other games for those that don't have videos of ET.

Visit the site:

They have 7 categories of videos:
  • Skills:
    For those that want to show their skills

  • Scrims And Competitions:
    For clans who want to share their competitions

  • Maps Demo:
    For beginners who want's to learn a specific map

  • Cheaters, Hackers, etc:
    Videos of hackers and cheaters that got cought in a game

  • Funny:
    For those who recorded a funny video in their in game play

  • Other Games:
    For members who have videos of any other games

  • Anything Else:
    Any non related games videos

"We are the first Enemy Territory website who gives a video sharing website for those who love Enemy Territory."KOOL-ET via PM