Community: PhReaKz Hide and Seek Friday

03.06.2008 : 12:46

The official PhReaKz Hide & Seek tourney will be hold this Friday on PhReaKz Public NQ Server.

Time: 9 pm GMT +1 / 8 pm GMT / 3 pm EST
NQ Server Friday June 6th 2008
Server IP: 27960
Rules: The seeker gets frozen and disoriented the first minutes of the map. Everyone else finds a spot to hide. Once u found a good spot u playdead (open console /playdead). After a few minutes the seeker gets oriented and unfrozen, he or she can start searching the map for players hiding. The ones who hide have to remain at their hiding spots and playdead until they get killed by the seeker. The last player hiding wins the map and is the seeker next map.

Ventrilo: Join our ventrilo server while playing hide and seek, it really brings and extra dimension to the game, its more fun while waiting for the seeker to find everyone. IP: eurovent1.gameserver pw = phreakzrule

We Welcome Everyone!Bo0mPhReaK via E-Mail