QW-Mod: ETQWpro 0.55b

02.06.2008 : 17:17
"This update fixes some major issues that popped up in 0.55a.

The main issues I was trying to fix / smoothen out:

- TV was crashing on connect
- Vehicle management, vehicles wont spawn into the map anymore, if they are not allowed
- Headshots only mod
- Demo recording
- End of round screenshots
- better useability (menu to adjust your ingame settings)
- Weapon model tweaks (thanks to pie)
- GPMG spread

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.55b''
--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.55b - Installer''
--> ETQWpro Website
--> ETQWpro Wiki
--> Changelog
--> Public server for testing:

Our scripts will work now also on custom maps!

Serveradmins, be sure to adjust your server configs! The es_allowvehicles cvar has changed.
More Information about this can be found in the changelog and wiki!

We highly recommend updating your servers, also be sure to give any bugreport and feedback in our forums at ETQWPro Forums

Also Linux server admins, please give feedback about any server crashes, the binaries got compiled in a slightly diffrent way this time!" ~hannes
sl.Sonyfan via ICQ